Monday, September 26, 2016

Good News, Bad News Again.

Back in the Saddle

I finally managed to take a ride today.

I knew as soon as I got on Chance that he did not feet super sound. He had lyme disease last summer and when he finally recovered, the vet was pretty sure he had navicular. We treated that with Osphos, he seemed much better and then we found out he had OCD in his stifle. That would not keep him from being a trail horse--and he LOVES trails.

So today, after working all summer to fix my own hip issues, I saddled him up and headed out for a short trail ride.

It was shorter than I expected because a tree branch snagged my prescription glasses about 2 feet out of the arena and I had to dismount to look for them. Since I really couldn't see to well, I didn't find them. So I headed back into the barn, cross-tied Chance and went into the house to put in my contact lenses so I could hunt for my glasses.

Fortunately, I found them hanging on a bush.

I remounted and headed out. Poor Chance felt like he was walking on rocks. He was decidedly lame on both front feet. Bummer.

I've contacted my vet to see if there is anything we can do to help him out.

Meanwhile, Tucker is still laid up and will be until at least January.

And Toby, the elder master of the herd is just acting strangely. I had to vet out to look at him when I thought he might actually be having a bout of laminitis. But he was fine. His blood work was fine, neurologic tests were fine, and he does not have Lyme disease.

He is sluggish come in for meals and is walking "funny."  I did start to paint his feet with Keratex just in case his feet are sore from the summer ground.

It's just strange.

So, three horses in the barn and I'm not sure I can ride.

At least the Boys are in my back yard, so I can easily take care of them with all their special needs.



  1. That sounds awful. But it is good to have them in your backyard so you can keep an eye on them. You will know better when they aren't themselves because you are so close to them. I hope there is something that can be done for Chance's lameness.

    You're really lucky you found those glasses. That might be the only bright spot in the day at this point.

  2. JJ is ready and able! Perhaps some shoes on Chance? Corrective shoeing

  3. They are lucky to have you to take care of them! As much as we like to have our horses barefoot, shoes might make a difference for Chance. I suppose you have some boots, but I find them hard to use. Glad you found your glasses! I trail ride all the time now and have to dodge many a branch on some of the close trails. I hope Toby perks up soon!