Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Boys Hang Out

Still Waiting on My Hip

Bless my wonderful horsesitter, Debbie. Twice a day, she comes to take care of the Boys for me. I am now able to do the late night snack feeding, but I still cannot lift hay bales or bags of grain. Pushing the wheelbarrow to clean stalls would be risky at this point also. I am just starting the 4th week of recovery from having the metal removed from my hip and thigh so I need to be very careful what I do.

In fact, I attended my cousin's son's wedding yesterday and just sat to watch the dancing. Bouncing around, twisting and turning on my leg would not have been a good idea. So I "party pooped," and had a good time eating instead. It would have been nice to visit and talk to some of my other relatives and friends who where there, but the music was so loud, that was impossible. What is it about parties that demand blasting music the whole night?  Some peace and quiet conversation would have been a nice contrast.

No complaints otherwise. The weather was perfect so the couple had the ceremony on the hotel's veranda overlooking the ocean and the food was delicious.  It was a lovely, tasteful affair, even if it was too loud.

So, all that being said, The Boys are doing just fine.

Well. sort of. That is if you count the knock on my front door a few days ago. It was the my new neighbor's sister telling me one of the horses was on their back lawn.  Which one? "The black one," she said.

Well, Tucker is a very dark bay, so I semi-limped (When I first start walking my hip is sore.) out to the barn got a halter and lead and headed next door.

Tucker had dismantled the top two rails of the slip board pasture fence. Fortunately the other two Boys did not see where he had made his escape. So I hurried over to make repair just as Chance was starting to make his one beeline to the gap. I got there just in time, put the rails back up and led Tucker home.

I had to circle the chainlink fence between our houses at the edge of the road, and then lead him up the driveway.  Nearly every step of the way, I jiggled the lead rope to remind him to pay attention and walk with "best manners."  The last think I wanted was for him to push into me to knock me down. Fortunately, even though the other Boys were frantically running the fence and making a fuss, he stayed settled and I got us both back safely.

Then I close off the pasture--it was getting towards dusk--so I could fix the fence rails the next day.

With my rechargeable drill in hand, nails, and a hammer I nailed the slip boards in place both in the pasture and in a few other places where the rails were suspect.

By the time I was done, including traversing the rather steep hill in the pasture, I was pretty well worn out.  Simple tasks, when you have been laid up for a couple weeks, can be surprisingly taxing.

Once again, I'm really glad I spent the summer swimming and building myself up before this surgery. I have a feeling if I hadn't even six weeks of recovery would not be enough.

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  1. I hear you about weddings! I don't know why the music has to be so loud you can't even talk to the person next to you without screaming to be heard. I guess they figure the louder the music the more fun they're having.

    Glad you're healing and have some help. They can be real escape artists sometimes. at least there was no drama getting him home and all is right with their world again. Hang in there and heal quickly :)