Monday, May 26, 2014

Swim, Swam, Swum


I waited for this afternoon when the temperatures were up in the high 80's F.  Then I headed over to Crystal Springs to see how the water felt for a little swim.

I can't say it was warm, but it wasn't horribly cold either. Since there were a number of people in the water, I figured I would not wimp out.

In I went. The chill hit me, but I swam fast to the far end of the pool and once my body was in action, it felt fine.

More than fine.

It felt great!!  I did about four laps when I heard the loudspeaker calling for the owner of a car like mine with a license plate just like mine. Was it mine?

Sure enough. Guest relations had a set of keys I'd somehow managed to leave in my back hatch lock. When I unloaded groceries in the back yard yesterday, I'd forgotten to take the keys out. An honest soul in the swimming pool parking lot had seen them in the lock and most graciously and honestly and turned them in to guest relations. Cool.

After I retrieved the keys, I headed back into the water. I managed a good ten laps with leg exercises in the deep end to work on my rehab.

All told, I was in the water perhaps 40 minutes at the most. I was starting to chill down a little then so I headed for the showers--nice hot water, yay!!

Here I am home again, quite content, well exercised and feeling a nice happy tired.

The summer has begun at last.


  1. Glad the swimming felt good - and glad the car keys were retrieved!

  2. Isn't it nice that some people can still be counted on to do a good deed. Glad you got your keys back. Last weekend my son lost a good golf club at some course and it was turned in and returned to him. My faith in humanity is getting a boost this week ;)

  3. glad there's some honest people in the world...