Monday, November 11, 2013

RIP, Peppercorn

My Heart Has a Great Big Hole

Early this morning, my phone range. It was my cousin telling me there was a dead black cat on the road by the farmhouse up by the Turnpike. He didn't know if it was my cat, but he was concerned.

When I went outside, Peppercorn, my barn kitty, best outdoor buddy ever, was no where to be seen.

I drove the truck up the road and sure enough, there was my beautiful boy, lying in the center of the road.

I managed to pick him up despite the heavy traffic--gee, a car actually stopped for me! I put him in the truck and brought him home.

I dug his grave in the rosebed near the barn and buried him.

Pepper followed me everywhere and even went on walks with me in the woods. He was almost always there to greet me when I home. He'd stay with me when I rode in the arena and supervise me when I fed the horses. I loved him dearly. 

I had always feared he would go on the road and get hit by a car or truck. I have lost far too many cats that way around here. I guess it was an inevitable fate for an outdoor kitty here. But Pepper would have nothing of being kept in the house. He was a brave adventurer who had survived on his own before he became my friend. I tried to give him the life he wanted no matter the cost. 

Rest in peace my beloved buddy. My world is definitely emptier without your company. I love you PepperC. 


  1. So sorry about Peppercorn Jean. It's so sad. You gave him the life he wanted and I'm sure he loved you back for allowing him to be himself. The hardest part of loving our animals is losing them. RIP Peppercorn.

  2. I'm so sorry Jean. Losing them suddenly like that is very hard. RIP Peppercorn.

  3. Damn! Sad news. His free spirit is now forever free...Hugs to you.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss - he sounds like a lovely cat.

  5. I am sorry Jean. It's so hard to lose a pet; they are so deserving of our love and support. I know the traffic is bad there.

  6. The loss of a much loved animal is always hard on us humans left behind. Just think of him frolicking at that big barn in the sky with PJ and the other barn kitties you have had as forever friends.

  7. I am so sorry to hear this just told me a short while ago that you hoped Peppercorn would not get hit because he was such an adventurer..