Monday, December 17, 2012

This is Why I Tie the Tree to the Window

Kittens in Frolic

Let it well noted that I have an artificial Christmas tree, with no decorations save what are part of the tree--holly, berries and some fake snow.  The tree is fiber optic, so when it lights up--well I had to do some repairs this year--it's pretty. It also has some regular mini-twinkle lights on it.

This is not all my choice of proper Christmas tradition, but it has evolved as a practical solution when one has furry, rather playful critters in the house.

Now, I have also learned to tie the tree to the window lock with yarn, another practical move since the tree sits in my bay window and the stand "just fits" the width of the window seat.

But there is more to it all. When my now adult cats were kittens, Reggie thought the tree was a great place to hide. Apparently, its lure has not diminished over these last 6 or so years since his kittenhood.

The tree is still a great place to hide, and to play.
 As you can see, Joseph thinks the tree offers wonderful camouflage.
 But Joseph is not alone. CocoPuff agrees with him and is most ready to share the secret.
 Sister and brother are fully in the Christmas spirit.
 But sometimes, CocoPuff prefers the solitary existence of the tree dweller.
 DJ, one of the adults in the family supervises the youngsters. You can still see, if you look closely that Coco is still in the tree, well disguised from sight by foliage and artificial snow.  And Joseph tries to pretend he too is a ceramic cat like the one curled up to his right.
Stuffed horses lie in disarray as DJ analyzes the display.

As you can see, Christmas is a quiet holiday here at Follywoods, punctuated by the sound of whirling dervish kittens in the tree, galloping catfeet in the halls, and galloping horsefeet outside.

Gotta get some pictures of the galloping horses attached to the feet.

Meanwhile, cats will just have to do.


  1. I love these pictures. What great Christmas cards they would make. Looks like they're having so much fun with their new toy! It's a shame they only get to play with it once a year. ;)

    My daughter has a dog (Bear) a giant Alaskan malamute. Whenever they would take him down to her father-in-law's for Christmas (pre-children) he would lift his leg on the fresh tree and christen it. I think it's good you have an artificial one or you might be in for a surprise too. I don't think they can help themselves with the lovely pine scent of outdoors calling to them.

  2. Annnnd this is why I don't even bother with a tree. Cute pictures, though!

  3. We use fishing line to a hook implanted in the ceiling. Kittens are a great antidote to whatever ails us:)

  4. I love their sense of play and adventure. I think you should put up fake trees all year round, tuned to the season.

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  6. Just wanted to stop by and wish you and the gang a very Merry Christmas!

  7. This gave me a big laugh!! I love it. My family has a cat that randomly decided to start taking ornaments off the treet last year. SHe is about six years old. They have to leave ornament they don't mind her eating in her reach and keep putting them on so she doesn't go for the good ones.