Thursday, July 05, 2012


Where's Chance?

The other night I went out for late night feed and found only two horses ready to come into the barn to eat. Toby was in Chance's stall and Tucker was wandering about in under the run in roof.

I put the feed in and got the two older Boys into their own stalls.

Chance's stall was still empty. There was no sign of him.

On a hunch I went out to the arena run in shed. In the dark, I caught a glimpse of a white blaze--low and close to the ground.  There was Chance, snoozing in the sand. He made no move to get up, even when I called.

I was a little concerned, as I'm always worried about colic and that's where I found Toby lying down when he had his bout of laminitis.

But all was well. My Chancyman was just having a nap and wasn't really hungry enough to bother getting up for midnight snack.  He finally hefted himself to his feet and walked over to me, got a hug and then followed me back to the barn where he finally went in his stall to eat.

Two good things come from this. First, Chance is completely confident and comfortable in his surroundings. And second, Chance does not at all feel hungry.  Unlike Tucker, he is clearly not one of those "food motivated" horses.

I guess a nap is far more appealing. *G*


  1. Can't blame Chance for napping in this heat. He probably found a cool spot and was taking advantage of it. You're luck you don't have a horse motivated by food, my whole herd seems to think they're starving to death everyday. They sure do cause us to worry over them sometimes though.

  2. I wouldn't get out of bed for late night snack. So glad he was ok though.